Hi, my name is Omar Lahlou Mimi
I'm a passionate and ambitious Developer.

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Hi, I'm a young and enthusiastic computer science student with a strong desire to create innovative and efficient solutions. I have Python development experience as well as proficiency in other programming languages (C, Python, Javascript, C#, etc). My strong problem-solving abilities and ability to work well under pressure make me an important member of any development team.

I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to broaden my knowledge and grow as a developer. Look no further if you want someone who is dedicated, hardworking, and always eager to learn. I'm ready to take on any project and give it my all.

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FaceIt, the proud winner of the second place at Geekfest Hackathon, is the outstanding browser extension that combines the ease of autofill with facial recognition technology, ensuring both convenience and security in your online logins. Have you ever been frustrated by forgotten passwords or worried about the lack of security in autofill options? FaceIt solves these issues by effortlessly autofilling your login information while verifying your identity through facial recognition. This not only streamlines your online experience but also fortifies your digital security, preventing unauthorized access in the event of computer theft.


I was the creative force behind the creation of the JordanDCA media agency's website. This project involved designing a brand-new online platform to represent their marketing, SEO, and website design services. My role exemplifies my talent for merging design and digital marketing principles to deliver a captivating online presence.


I am pleased to present NearSnap, a social media platform built with the Flask framework in collaboration with my friend, Ariyaman. NearSnap is intended to bring communities together by allowing users to share and discover photos taken in their neighbourhood. The platform is unique in that it only loads pictures that have been posted in the user's area, making it an effective tool for building community and connection.

Flask Application for Image Filtering

This project was developed as part of the CS50 Harvard course and my skills in computer science using the Flask framework. The application allows users to upload an image and apply various filters to it such as inkwell, brooklyn, and more. The filtered image can then be downloaded or shared with others.

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